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Midlands Play Therapy provides a range of services designed to help you and your child. All the services we offer have been proven to be effective in making positive and lasting changes in families.

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Individual Play Therapy

Individual play therapy is a one to one therapy facilitated by a play therapist in a playroom which is stocked with toys and materials. Hourly sessions take place on a weekly basis. The number of sessions required depends on the complexity of the presenting problems. It is usually a minimum of 10 weeks.

  • An initial meeting takes place with the parents/guardians of the child and background information is gathered.
  • An introductory home visit is conducted with the child prior to sessions commencing.
  • Individual sessions commence
  • Regular progress meetings take place with the parents/guardians where discussion of themes in the child's play takes place, together with advice on managing the child's behaviour.

At Midlands Play Therapy Ireland, a child-centred or non-directive approach is used in therapy. The therapist does not ask questions or make suggestions but allows the child to lead the play at their pace. The therapist communicates understanding and acceptance by tracking the child’s actions along with providing empathic reflections. In this way, the child becomes more self-aware, self-directing, responsible, confident and independent.

Parent comment
"My child is more confident and coping with things better."

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Group Play Therapy

Group play therapy is recommended for children who are introverted, shy, withdrawn, over-pleasing, display low level aggression, and/or have difficulties with concentration, attention or social skills. Children benefit from the reciprocal encouragement of the group process. Group members learn new coping skills, problem-solving skills, self-awareness and alternative ways of self-expression. Children of a similar developmental stage are grouped together.

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Filial Therapy

Filial therapy is a 10 week individual or group programme in which play therapists teach parents new ways of understanding, communicating and interacting with their child thus improving parent-child relationships. Basic non-directive play therapy principles and skills such as reflective listening, recognising and responding to children's feelings, theraputic limit-setting and imaginative play skills are taught using selected toys and materials. Parents are taught how to integrate new ways of interacting and communicating with their children, into everyday life.

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Theraplay is a child and family therapy which builds and enhances attachment, trust, nurture, joy and attunement in the parent-child relationship. In Theraplay sessions, the therapist guides the parent and child through playful, fun and challenging games, along with nurturing activities.

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Group Theraplay

Group Theraplay for children is a model of working with children to improve social and emotional development through games and activities that are structured, playful, challenging and nurturing. Benefits include increasing self-confidence, improving play skills, building friendships, improved regulation of emotions and behaviour, increased co-operation and developing empathy.

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Parent Consultation

Parenting can be the most challenging job in the world yet it comes with no training! Parent Consultations at Midlands Play Therapy provide parents with information, support and advice about child development and parenting issues. Skills and strategies are taught in relation to common parenting difficulties such as bedtime routines, temper tantrums, rules and discipline. Families learn how to communicate more effectively, thereby improving relationships and family functioning.

Parent consultations at Midlands Play Therapy can be provided to an individual or couple and can take place on a once-off or on-going basis.

Parent comment
"Things have improved and the tips really helped."

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Parenting courses

Midlands Play Therapy runs 10 week parenting courses for individual parents or groups, covering the following topics:

  • Reasons why children misbehave and using positive attention
  • Quality time – children and emotions
  • Active listening and assertive parenting
  • Handling difficult behaviour
  • Play and Learning
  • Family change
  • Bullying
  • Nutrition
  • Stress Management

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Play Therapy Workshops

Play is a child's natural medium to learn, communicate and explore their world. Play therapy is a mode of therapy that allows children to explore feelings and make sense of and recover from difficult life experiences in a safe and trusting environment.

These are one day workshops aimed at parents and practitioners who work directly with children and want to develop their understanding of the use of play therapy and its techniques.

The workshop presents an overview of the principles and practice of play therapy.

Teaching methods include didactic instruction, small and large group discussion, role play, demonstration play sessions and experiential exercises.

The workshop provides a rich learning experience in a safe and supportive environment.

"Thank you again for the great workshop. I received wonderful feedback on it."
Dr. Karin White, Dept of Social Sciences, Sligo IT

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